Master Class

Herbal Approaches For Dogs and Cats

Can we use herbs to treat our furry companions (dogs and cats)? Yes! Join Holly Mead, founder of Paw Healer (hyperlink to the website) as she shares with you the appropriate way to prescribe herbal remedies for dogs and cats. This is great information for you to incorporate into your practice and possibly share with your patients. This is especially useful in creating an additional (and significant) income stream. The top 5 conditions of dogs and how to treat them with herbs and the top 3 conditions of cats and how to treat them with herbs, will be discussed in this 3-hour Masterclass.

Deirdre Courtney on Face Reading

Deirdre Courtney on Face Reading

In this 2 hour masterclass Deirdre Courtney will teach you how to recognize pathology by looking at someone’s face. Habits, patterns and internal health conditions will show up on a person’s face and Deirdre Courtney is the leading expert in Chinese Face Reading.

Proper Posture for a Strong Pelvic Floor

Dr. Barbara Ferrero is back with another masterclass on the power of posture. In this 2-hour masterclass Dr. Barbara will share small and easy adjustments to our posture that will result in a stronger pelvic floor and therefore alleviate common ailments such as incontinence, low back pain, prolaps,e and more.

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