21 Days to Love

It is a fundamental part of the human condition to seek out and find love. However, the quest for true love can be full of many frustrating challenges and countless heartaches. We can both testify to this, having gone through our struggles with finding love.

With our over 50 years of combined work experience as Healers, we have encountered literally thousands of people desiring to manifest and attract a real, loving, and lasting romantic relationship. After helping countless patients, friends, and clients find love, we decided to combine our efforts to share the techniques and methods that we found to be most effective in attracting love.

This workbook is an honest and heart-centered compilation of these time-tested practices that will help you manifest the love your heart truly desires. Completing this workbook will help you to:

1. Remove any subconscious blocks to receiving authentic love.
2. Improve self-esteem, boost confidence and raise your overall vibration.
3. Finally, attract a loving and healthy relationship that matches your true self. This workbook is organized into three different sections with the intention that you complete it in 21 days.

Why only 21 days? Since we believe in the power of magic, ancient wisdom, and spiritual synchronicity, your manifestation process will follow the powerful experience of a 21-day spiritual practice. According to the science of numerology, 21 is a sacred number that has been shown across time and ancient cultures to possess special magic for manifestation. For example, Buddha meditated for 21 days before receiving full enlightenment. There is also the very popular self-improvement theory that it takes 21 days to form new habits. However, there is no rush to complete this workbook in precisely21 days. Please, listen to your gut and follow your intuition because, as with any deep personal transformation work, we must learn to take our time to honor our process. Lastly, to get the most out of this workbook, we cannot stress enough how important it will be to be completely honest with yourself while completing the exercises. Manifesting a healthy and lasting relationship requires vulnerability and authenticity. This type of approach empowers us to take full responsibility for ourselves and our lives. We will no longer play the victim and must regain our power from what we may have consciously or unconsciously given it away to. The exercises in this workbook will help support you in reinforcing this shift in perspective to help keep you accountable throughout the next 21 days and beyond.

If you complete these exercises with an open heart and mind, you will manifest the greatest love of your life.



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