December 2021 Mastermind

December 17, 2021

2022 Mastermind Planning & Manifesting Session

Are you ready for 2022? Want to strategize with like-minded colleagues to create an amazing year for yourself?

Join me and fellow practitioners for this special Mastermind to:

  • Get motivated
  • Get inspired
  • Get unstuck
  • Get energized
  • Get aligned with your true authentic self that is just waiting for you to let them out
  • Get some new ideas or even an “aha moment”

I will send you prework before our mastermind AND do an intuitive reading for you prior to our session.
Some of the prework will include creating a passions list, goals, and desires for your career and life.

I will share with the group several manifesting tools and inevitably more pearls of wisdom will come from the collective.



Morning session (9am-12pm)

Afternoon session (1-4pm)


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