Grief Recovery Method Program

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Grief comes in many forms and from various sources - the loss of a loved one, job, home, health, and so much more. when we grieve, we wish for things to be better, different, or more.

Years ago, when my mother died unexpectedly I was guided to the Grief Recovery Method Program. It helped me a great deal.

Years later, I became certified in the Grief Recovery Method so that I could help others navigate themselves through grief. It’s a powerful process that can lead you to freedom from grief and the negative effects it can have on your life.

If you, or anyone you know, are feeling grief for any reason, I welcome you to join us for this program.

This is something I am committed to and passionate about: helping you be the best version of yourself and that version has learned how to successfully navigate grief.

Much love to everyone grieving right now (which is most likely all of us)…xoxo East

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The investment for this program is $143 – an amount specifically set as it has the frequency of I Love You – (1 letter, 4 letters, 3 letters). This is something I learned from Mr. Rogers 🙂

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