The 4 Week Coaching Program (6 CEUs)


The Dr. East 4-Week One-on-One Coaching Program with added MIE


  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Encouragement

This is sometimes all we need to finally take ourselves across a finish line or to the next level of business.

In the four weeks that we work together, I will help you achieve what you’ve been trying to do on your own but just not making the progress you want to see.

In as little as four weeks I have helped practitioners start a business from scratch, create programs, establish a new brand, increase revenue without having to increase patients, find and negotiate their dream practice location, publish books, come up with content sharing strategies, create opt-in pieces, create course curriculum, prepare for important interviews and much much more.

I will be your total support, accountability partner, and personal business coach for this entire time.

What you will gain from us working together will more than pay for this program.  All you need is one golden idea or insight that will most certainly bring thousands of dollars to your bottom line, passion back into your life and/or clarity of direction for your career. We will uncover it together.

Additional Perks:

In addition to receiving everything from the self-paced level up program, you will also receive the following perks:

  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with me
  • All 4 modules of The Level Up Program
  • 4 videos, 4 downloads, and other handouts
  • Direct access to me for the 4 weeks via email & text
  • Supportive resources (webinars, e-guides, content)

Hear what some of my clients have to say:

East, I think you are great. From a teaching and learning perspective you are engaging and energetic. I love how you always bring real life business tips and experiences to help us implement the practice successfully. You have a gift and it’s inspiring and motivating to be around.” – Jess

One of your strengths is your ‘can do’ attitude. You show that it can be done. You take big, often overwhelming concepts etc and make them accessible. Oh, and you are always fun, never boring.” – Lydia

I wanted to extend a message to say THANK YOU! There were all these components that I have completed over the past few years but lost motivation, as you know. I am at the place where I am ready for a transition and looking to exit. Mainly, I want to exit private practice, you gave me HOPE! I know how I am going to navigate the next two years from taking your course! So another THANK YOU!! You truly gave me some coordinate points to put in motion to set up my next 1.5 years!” – Delaram Raisdana

I am so grateful for the opportunities and resources that I’ve had to be able to open and run my own practice and my acupuncture coach Dr. East for her work in the acupuncture field helping others fulfill their potential as acupuncturists and business owners.” – Dr. Jennifer Tom




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